Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Every Artist is Unique

Session I - Class 2
Every Artist is Unique:
After viewing artwork containing trees and discussing how each was
different (color, shape, form, etc.), students drew their own pictures with at least one 
tree.  We cut them out and taped them to coordinating 12x12 scrapbook paper where we 
wrote "I am unique like my tree".  While all our works contained trees, no two were
alike.  We are all unique, and especially as artists get to show the world 
what we see through our creative expressions.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Cody- watercolor of a very good friend's very good friend.

Art Classes

Krafty Kids Art Classes- Session I Content
All classes will incorporate examples of art through visual aids- will be from books, the computer, and actual works.  Classes designed for kids 6-12 and will be modified for older children.

Day 1 (Tuesday, April 17)
Class info and studio rules, each artist is unique (artists don't copy), drawing with dry medium of at least one "tree" (will show that even though everyone draws the same item all pictures will be different- everyone sees the world a little differently!), mount drawing on scrapbook paper & embellish

Day 2 (Thursday, April 19)
Elements of Art (basic building blocks of our world), will determine art elements in a leaf (shape, color, line, texture, etc.), outline leaves and complete a frottage (rubbing) technique to see elements, cut out leaves for a collage on canvas

Day 3 (Tuesday, April 24)
Color wheel, color (mix primary colors to make secondary colors), symmetry (butterfly painting using mixed colors), paint Mother's Day projects (sshhh, it's a surprise!)

Day 4 (Thursday, April 26)
More on shape and color (cut shapes for collage on cards and embellish), complete Mother's Day projects & any other work

Day 5 (Tuesday, May 1)
Watercolor techniques (how to use a brush correctly, loading brush and putting down color, washes, line), negative space (watercolor painting over white crayon drawing), laminate favorite for a placemat or add pictures for a scrapbook page

Day 6 (Thursday, May 3)
More color (intermediate, complementary, tertiary), painting on back of framed glass, paint frame, complete any unfinished work, collect session's work and take pictures of work

Contact me if you have questions or to register.  Located at 213 W. Arch Ave, Suite A in Searcy, AR.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Krafty Kids Class Content

Class content for Session I art classes is now online at

First class starts April 17 so register today!

Classes will focus on art fundamentals, recycling materials, making
friends, and having fun!  See above link for full outline of each
class in Session I.  I've shared my love of art with my own 
children and can't wait to share my passion with yours. 
Thanks for visiting and happy crafting!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Krafty Kids Art Classes

I'm so excited to announce that my studio will be opening next week with my first Krafty Kids Art Classes!  The finishing touches will be completed this week thanks to my wonderful kids and family who have helped me move furniture, paint, and basically put up with me through the whole process.  I will post pictures of the studio soon but for now my spring and summer classes are listed below.  Please let me know what you think.
Spring classes are forming now. 
Space is limited to 8 students per session- 6 years of age & up. 
Classes are by the session.  Week and day rates are available if classes are not full. 
All supplies are INCLUDED in the fee. 
Discount of 15% off for additional siblings.
Sales tax INCLUDED in all fees.
• Click on Krafty Kids Art Classes to reserve a session

Spring Session I
April 17 - May 3
Tuesday & Thursday   2:00 - 4:00
$132 session or $55 week

Spring Session II
May 8 - 31
Monday & Wednesday   2:00-4:00
Tuesday & Thursday   2:00 - 4:00
$176 session or $55 week

Summer Sessions
June 4 - 28
July 9 - August 16
Monday - Thursday 2:00 - 4:00
$88 per week or $30 day